Our Love Part #4
Our Love Part #4 love story stories

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Our Love Part #4

It was a few months after me and Gavin met, and we ended up becoming almost inseparable.

But sadly, we lived in two different states , so we couldn’t always see each other. I also did not have a phone at the time, so we never knew when we were going to see each other next.

Although it was miserable not talking to him, what made it worse was that I couldn’t stop thinking about him. Did I want to admit that I caught feelings for one of my best friends? Of course not, I didn’t want to make things awkward between us.

So one weekend on the car ride to my grandfather’s house, I told myself that If I saw Gavin that weekend and I still liked him, then I would know that these feelings I have for him are real. And sure enough, I saw him and I still liked him.

Was I happy about it? No, I didn’t want to be in love with someone, I was scared to get hurt again. I was so used to keeping a wall around myself for the longest time so I didn’t get hurt, but I let my walls come down, all because of one unlikely boy.

So the weekend after I accepted that I had feelings for him, I saw him again.

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