Our Love Part #3
Our Love Part #3 love story stories

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Our Love Part #3

There was suddenly a loud bang and footsteps. A boy, who I guessed was Gavin, appeared in the doorway. He had dirty blonde hair, grey-blue eyes, and an annoyed look on his face.

“What do you want?”, he asked, looking at Destiny then right at me. As soon as we locked eyes, I turned my face and started blushing. "Gavin this is (my name) and (my name) this is Gavin," Destiny said, gesturing to us as she spoke.

Destiny then started talking to the both of us. I was only half listening since I was trying to avoid eye contact with Gavin. But I finally gave up and looked over at him, only to find out he was looking at me as if he just saw an angel. I quickly turned away, slightly smirking.

After finally finding the courage to say something, I asked if we should all go outside. Gavin and Destiny agreed, but before I could walk out the door, Destiny pulled me to the side.

“Can you promise me something?” “Of course.” “Can you promise me not to date Gavin?” “I have no intention of dating him, I just met him.” “I know, I just have a feeling…” “Look, I promise I will not date your cousin.” “Okay, that's all I needed to hear.”

Now that I think about it, Destiny knew about me and Gavin’s future before either of us did.

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