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A flash of blissful memories that shatter with reality.


I remember you would invoke an affection that resembled more hysteric euphoria.

Being with you was akin to charging blindly into a lightning storm, the statically charged air prickling over my skin in a delightful sensation.

I remember being next to you wasn't nearly enough, each centimeter of my skin seeking excuse to get nearer still;

accidental brushes of our hands as we "coincidentally" reached for the same object; a thumb resting on your back as I slung my arm "casually" along the back of your chair;

the way I would constantly brush those stray hairs behind your ear even though we both knew it was a pointless task.

I remember when waking up next to you felt as if I were entranced within a lucid dream;

the gaiety that would encompass my being as you spent your first waking moments proving to me that reality is where I resided.

Yet even that overbearing, soul-lifting happiness could not, would not, best in strength the abysmal anguish bestowed on me by the sight that now greets my eyes.

Curled around another as you smile into a kiss they so gingerly place upon your lips, I shatter,

the tsunami of memories hitting with such momentum I'm forced to find purchase nearby, though I cannot see the world around,

nor can I hear anything besides the clattering of my innumerable pieces upon the ground.

----- © SabrinaS, 2020

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