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poet_tani 15 | Lovers hate me but haters love me
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Can't tell you peeps how jocund I am today. Thank you so so much for making my day; give this piece written, a read!

Thank You

My eyes have longed to see this day Eventually, my head rises high A moment of bliss, a moment of pride A chance to smile and not to sigh

A rather short grail A rather vanilla road A bucket less hate A galore love showed

Comments cascading my screen Likes making me happy The eulogy I’d received all day long Was successful in having me sappy.

Pals I had never got Support I had never sought My life, erstwhile, devoid of grant Rejuvenated like a newfangled plant.

My sentiments overflowing Finally a red-letter day I fizzle to pour out my regard A Biiiig THANK YOU is all I can say!

Thank you sooo much guys, 500 followers in 26 days is an unbelievable feat for me- Thank you for the immense love you’ve all showered upon me!!!!

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