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poet_tani 15 | Lovers hate me but haters love me
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A sad thriller for today's prompt! Hope y'all like it!


My receptors heed the squeaks Yet my heart pounds to their cry Ingenuous women, naive kids, I hear They implore but the sounds lie dry

Deafened by the echo of the gunshots I'm half dead envisaging the outcome What had these trivial angels done? To be plattered a fate so gruesome?

Stained with red, hands of the force No pity, no mercy, no humanity, no thought, Rocks would melt at a sight so sappy Where chirping, ignorant birds were shot!

A fate too common, a sight often seen Yet we, egotisticals, ourselves we preen? Plethora die, orphaned- it's a shame To the killers, the ambush's hazy- it's all a game! -the_emerald_poet

Aside: Shedding light upon the increasing terrorism and how each day, thousands of innocents are lynched without reason! It's not the propagators of crime who'll owe them sympathy but it's up to us, responsible world citizens- to make a move! Sacrifice your luxury, look beyond your self-made homes- there exists a world, weeping, dying at the hands of the enemy! Think about it!

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