For Her

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Posting after an eternity but I have to admit, feels great to be back again.

For Her

When I'm finally giving you a reason to brag A poem of feelings that will you drag In this mellow summer morning as I chew my pen To come up with words that wouldn't fail to describe you.

I never realised I was the luckiest person Useless was my search for some other partner who's good Tell me, what lion looks for a queen? Who already has his lioness in the woods?

You aren't my girl, my friend, my partner, my mate You're the light that has led me through the dark You're not my destination, my target, my goal, you're not You're my journey on which I've embarked.

People ask me does she really deserve you? Will she really do anything for you and you only? I say, what more can she do? She was there for me when no one was She was there for me when I was lonely.

It's funny, isn't it? When I close my eyes, I see you, when I open them, I miss you We're so close yet so far, But I promise I really do, I'm gonna be there for you like you were Every second, every minute, every life, every hour.

Till death sets us apart, I'm gonna love you as you are As my princess, my best buddy, my help, my nurse Tears rolling down my eyes as I put a period To this poem's.... Last verse.

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