Brawn over Beauty

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poet_tani 15 | Lovers hate me but haters love me
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Took loooonger to come back than expected; sorry for this fellas.... Exams, yk 😅 hope you like this one!

Brawn over Beauty

What would you do if you were distraught Not with a Wise's but words of a bigot Would you really try n step in to change Your true nature, the one he called strange?

A teeny, tiny tulip in the bitter, breezy rain Was talking to an ugly tree, who he thought- insane Referring to his beauty- he gaudily said Visitors adore me, love my petals red

He added as if trying to joke What about you? You crazy, ugly bloke? Big fat trunk, crazy brown bark You're Nothin more than a fatty, old shark.

The tree wept, looked at his old bones The branches which had taken countless stones He turned to the tulip, and his petals soft Which he arrogantly, held aloft

He plead to God as if trying to ignore The unparalleled pride that the Tulip bore What happened next was surely some fun For the law of averages had now begun!

The rain we ignored, now tried to aid She called wind, her most loyal maid With a velocity unfathomable, he started to blow The weak rooted tulip, began running low.

In a matter of seconds, the tulip was out, taken. Yet the strong rooted tree, stood there- unshaken Brawn beat beauty, ugly, old shoots? Yet he thanked God, for his best friends- his roots!

Thus they say, be content with what you are Ignore what the world wants you to be; it's mindlessness par The tree and the tulip, understanding this, together stay Valuing strength over looks; their legend stays till day!

Off-topic- So sorry for disappearing without reason; feels so good to be back. Hope I haven't disappointed you with my first piece after a long break. Expecting reactions from both old friends and new folks: love y'all like always!

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