I Miss You Charlie
I Miss You Charlie
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poemsbydiana Just a city girl looking for her purpose
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A poem about my cat Charlie that i had to give up and don’t know if he’s even alive.

I Miss You Charlie

I miss waking up to your ruckus I miss hearing your meowing in the middle of the night I miss your random cuddling I miss feeling your presence I miss feeling your kneading and purring I miss sleeping with you I miss your random bursts of energy I miss your scratches I miss being your owner I wonder....

Do you miss me? Do you remember all the memories we’ve created? Do you ever think of me? Do you even remember me, us? Would you recognize me if we were to meet again? Charlie.. I think about you every breathing day I wonder....

Are you happy? Are you being loved? Are you eating? Are you playing? Are you getting attention? Are you even alive? I miss you

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