Title: Seashell Splendor By: Bruce Hackmann
Title: Seashell Splendor 
By: Bruce Hackmann
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Music of the ocean. Do you love seashells?

Title: Seashell Splendor By: Bruce Hackmann

Bursting bubbles spray their beautiful bouquet With each crashing wave to the shore As the beachcomber combs the bay In search of treasures to adore

Washed to the sandy shore the ocean roar The rhythmic tide plays it's musical score Seashells decorate with their color and form Sunlight, sand, and seahorses ready to perform

Auger, Turkey Wing, and Tooth Shells collect to play the strings Sea Urchins, Buttercup and Fan Shells fill the percussion Tulip, Junonia, and Fig Shells assemble as woodwinds The Queen and Crown Conch gather as the brass

Thousands of Coquina, Pen, and Clam Shells join the ensemble Searching, I take my place as their Conductor

I feel the musical pulse of the performers Waves and wind control the rhythm We play till my soul reaches it's crescendo

Leaving the symphony my heart feels such sorrow

I treasure this orchestra; to be apart of something so great People question the treasures; they see, I don’t take What I see with my ears and eyes I gather all the treasures one could find

I love their beautiful sonata, ‘Seashell Splendor’

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