Title: Rivers Edge
Title: Rivers Edge poem stories

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Tribute to the Ojibwa Tribe in Baraga, Michigan

Title: Rivers Edge

Preface: I met a couple of women from the Ojibwa tribe along the river in my title page. I changed my poem Rivers Bend to this right there on the spot. Just some different animals and the ending. My tribute to the Ojibwa tribe in Baraga, Michigan. ____________ Video on YouTube

The winding river softly flows As the eagle glides on the wind

With each twist n turn the river goes While the brook trout swims around the bend

The wandering river carefully circulates As the turtle crawls back to the stream

With each curve n curl the river percolates While the Mallard floats around midstream

The roving river rolls along As the deer drinks from the rivers edge

With each zig n zag the river is strong While the beaver sits on the rocky ledge

The meandering river flows through the forest As the Chief of the Ojibwa stands ... by The Rivers Edge

PoemsbyBruce ________ The women invited me to their pow wow. A wonderful celebration.

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