Mental illness ~
Mental illness ~ stories

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A heavy but really important piece.

Mental illness ~

Disclaimer: I have been holding these words inside for a long time and I feel like it is time to talk about it. It is a real problem that effects so many people and more people should be aware of it. Don't be afraid to ask for help! <3

Mental illness is real

As much as everyone around me tries to convince me it’s not

They tell me to grow up and act normal

What even is normal?

I know it isn’t normal to feel nothing

I know it isn’t normal to be sad all the time

I know it isn’t normal to fear death when you are 19 years old and have your whole life ahead of you

I know it isn’t normal to feel alone in a crowd

I know it isn’t normal to be scared to go to sleep at night

but what is normal?

I want to be normal but how can I be when I don’t know what it means

They tell me just not to think about it

As if all my problems will just fade away on it’s own

They tell me it’s all in my mind and perhaps it is but does that make it any less real?

My brain has total control over my body, my senses and my mind

Mental illness is real

It's is the crack inside my castle made of glass

It slowly spreads around until it finally breaks

And when it breaks it shatters

Into a million little pieces

It digs into my skin

They form marks and call my body their new home

An intruder I never quite learned how to shake off

People tell me just don’t be sad

As if that is a choice

They say if you feel sad you should just do things that make you happy

But what if I don’t feel anything?

What if my body is just numb and all I can do is lay in bed and wait until my body decides to take control over my mind again.

What if there’s nothing to do but wait

I need time

I will get better

I always do

Just give me time

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