Comfort of the dark~
Comfort of the dark~ stories

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Don't be blinded by the comfort of the dark.

Comfort of the dark~

There is something so frightening yet so comforting about darkness

The way it hugs every curve of your body

The way a mirror becomes useless and a smile and frown become one and the same

The way all your emotions are only known by you

In the darkness you can hide

But remember

That body you’re cloaking with darkness is carved with so much beauty

take care of it

Because the darkness is everything but everlasting

And when dawn arrives and the smallest bit of light creeps through your blinds

Replacing the darkness with bright yellow rays of sunshine

Your true self will be revealed

The curves of your body now released from the tight grip of the night

Aching but ready to be seen

Your smile now visible and meaningful

And the person in the mirror now staring back at you

Don't be afraid of it

Love it, cherish it and share it with the world

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