The Human Creature
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poemsaboutlife poet/writer/thinker/dreamer
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Inspired by the late comdian George Carlin. A few observations of a unique creature.

The Human Creature

Humans do some very interesting things They behave in the most interesting of ways They seem to be the only ones that kill themselves Murder is a national pass time

A species that kills their own species for personal gain Or choose, they're both the same But then again sometimes its just fun…each to their own Besides killing themselves they kill everything else

In their superior arrogance humans kill other species For personal gain or just for fun We raise cows by the millions to eat them Or just go out in the woods and hunt animals down

Now back to murder We have a habit of killing people that have a positive message Live in harmony and love one another Look through history and there is a definite pattern

Martin Luther King, Gandhi, John Lennon, Jesus, Lincoln, JFK To name but a few The list appears to be endless Humans are the only creature that performs genocide

A truly creative way of mass murder Now that is higher brain functioning right there An efficient way of elimination With all their mental abilities

What do humans come up with? Many ways of hurting themselves....torture! Do you see animals torture members of its own species? Only humans do this

Do you see dogs ganged up on street corners selling drugs? Only humans do this What’s more Humans are the only species that intentionally destroy their surroundings

Just so that they can have a comfortable life The planet suffers so humans can be lazy What other species does that? Talk about biting the hand that feeds you!

In the spirit of being efficient How about mass murder for loads of profit? Pollute the air, the water, dump toxic waste Kill loads of people over time

But hey we can drive a car, or ride in a plane Humans are a very interesting creature indeed Just a few observations of a unique species!

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