The Crimson Killer Part 4
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Final part to The Crimson Killer story. Hope you all enjoyed it :)

The Crimson Killer Part 4

Her eyes drifted up and down his body, carefully scrutinising every little cut that had been made. The site of the blood dripping from all those scars brought a little smile to her face. A twinkle appeared in her eyes as she casually walked back up to her prey. With one jolt, her hand thrust up to Malcolm’s chin as she moved her face to be level with his.

She looked straight in to his eyes which were alive with excitement. The heat from her breath caressing his skin aroused Malcolm so much. He was in heaven. Intoxicated by her dominance, he could feel himself about to lose all control and release his manly seed inside his boxers. She squeezed his chin harder and then placed her mouth next to his ear.

“You are ready. I can see it in your eyes”, she whispered. “Yes Mistress! I am ready! I cannot hold it any longer!”, the ecstasy in his voice was ringing through the dungeon. “Please Mistress. Can I?” “NO!”, she commanded.

All of a sudden a stinging pain came shooting up his leg and through his body. He tried to scream but her clasp of his chin was too tight for any sound to come out. He could feel the flesh of his thigh splitting apart, growing longer and longer. She let go of his chin and his head dropped down to see her hand guiding the blade of a scalpel up his thigh very slowly.

His raw muscle now visible to the air of the dungeon. Malcolm flung his head back from the excruciating pain rushing up his body sending alarm bells off in his brain. Suddenly he realised this was no role play and he started to wriggle and break free. All his efforts were in vain. It was no use, he was pinned to the wall and no amount of fighting was going to set him free.

Once again she looked straight in to his eyes which were now filled with terror at the realisation of what was happening. The scalpel found its way to his other leg. He could feel the pressure pushing against his inner thigh and eventually puncture the skin letting the blade slide inside a couple of centimetres. Then, ever so slowly, glide up towards his scrotum.

The blood just gushing out of the wound as the flesh slowly separated behind the blade. The Mistress slapped him across the cheek once more. She did not want him to miss out on all the fun, she wanted him awake to feel every moment of pain. Now she took the blade up to his wrist.

First the right, piercing the skin then dragging the metal edge down his forearm stopping at the elbow. The same followed with the left wrist. By now Malcolm was feeling dizzy from the loss of blood. She slapped him again just before she thrust the point of the blade in to his perfect six pack and began splitting open his stomach.

She took the blade away and stepped back. To her eyes, what she was looking at was a work of art. It hung there on the wall with its arms outstretched, blood rushing out of its wrists, torso sliced apart, legs punctured and it suddenly occurred to her, it looked a lot like a crucifixion. The smile on her face automatically grew with this thought but she was not done with Malcolm yet.

She went and sat down on a device which looked like chair but had a hole in the seat. The hole had various purposes but on this day it was just a chair for the Mistress to sit in and admire her handy work. A thought rushed in to her head. She went back up to the main house and made her way back to the drawing room where she kept a lighter next to the fireplace.

She picked up the lighter, clicking it a few times to check for fuel, then returned to the dungeon. She opened the door to find Malcolm on the verge of passing out. “No, no, no my dear fellow. It is not time yet”, she said calmly. “You will love this”.

She placed the lighter in between his thighs and pressed the button. A small flame appeared, instantly heating up the wounds on both legs. Malcolm thrust his head back and let out the loudest scream he could manage. The sound of the scream sent the Mistress in to a frenzy of delight. Her eyes widened and the grin just kept getting bigger and bigger.

It was sheer pleasure for her. She skilfully moved the flame up between his legs, making sure not to let the flame touch his skin in any way but close enough for him to feel the heat and then stopped at the incision in Malcolm’s stomach. She carefully moved the flame from left to right along the wound, watching the skin and the meat melt with the heat.

The aroma of burning flesh started to fill the air. She inhaled deeply, relishing the putrid stench. The smell drove her wild with lust. Her desires were being fulfilled. Malcolm, on the other hand, was at the point of so much pain that he could not take it any more. His head dropped down lifeless as it hung from his neck, unconscious but still breathing.

This was unacceptable to the Mistress. She slapped Malcolm vigorously until he opened his eyes again. “There’s my sleepy head. Wakey wakey, you don’t want to miss this”, she said mockingly. “You are going to love it!”.

She stepped back and started to undress herself, very slowly removing her outfit to reveal the body of a goddess. Every inch of the Mistress was in perfect proportion. Nothing was too large or too small, it was all just right. “Look at me! Look at your queen!”, she demanded.

Struggling to lift his head up Malcolm managed to look at the Mistress. A vision stood in front of him but it had no effect. The immensity of pain rendered every part of his body useless. He just hung there, limp, from the wall. The mistress found the scalpel and once again moved close to Malcolm.

Her naked bosom heaving next to him, slightly pressing against him as she took a breath. She placed the blade of the scalpel on one side of his neck and gently traced it across to the other side. This teasing made her body writhe even harder as her breathing got heavier. She grabbed hold of his hair, yanked his head back and with one single motion, slit his throat.

Her hand released the hair and Malcolm’s head dropped instantly. She began to step backwards and returned to her seat once again, never taking her eyes off her prize. There she sat examining the sight before her. A big pool of blood lay on the wooden floor beneath her victim. Madeline sat there quietly enjoying her work of art.

An hour had passed with her staring at the corpse and before she knew it, she got up and went back to the study where she had been reading. Madeline picked up her cellphone that she left by the table lamp and started to dial. “Daddy”, she said nervously.

An hour had passed with her staring at the corpse and before she knew it, she got up and went back to the study where she had been reading. Madeline picked up her cellphone that she left by the table lamp and started to dial. “Daddy”, she said nervously. “Hello darling”

“Daddy…….It has happened again!”

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