Mastery of Nothing
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A little piece based on a quote from Socrates. Hope you enjoy and thank you for reading.

Mastery of Nothing

Speckles of bits flick back and forth around this inhabited sphere Every single second sees this information highway being tapped into Travelled by billions with their fingers on its pulse Data overload to make the masses the most savvy

An abundance of awareness with everything up-to-date Nothing can escape those that just give a little click As long as they keep pressing those buttons or touching that screen Firing up the synapses to give that ultimate high

Get the adrenaline pumping with every little click Dilated pupils with every scroll up and down the page Today is the day we are the most worldly aware Visual sensors locked into a virtual dimension

Access all areas is now in everyone’s domain Gone are the VIPs or the need-to-know basis Google has taken the place of 'man's best friend' An unprecedented authority of a giant among giants

Delivering so many treats to oh so many A most dependable source of the fountain of knowledge With such a vast wealth of binary coding All whizzing around at the speed of light

There is no way that the wool can be pulled over the eyes Now is the time that anything can be found out We are the masters in the age of advancement Are we really the masters though?

Or are we just pawns in one galactic game All the trust has been placed in this artificial brain There is no need to seek out anything from anywhere else It is all so easy, so very very easy

What need is there to go to an original source? As long as its all there we can believe we know all Knowing and understanding have become one and the same Breeding an illusion of wisdom in all things

The jack of all trades and master of none No one can be fooled when everything that is to be known is known!

“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” - Socrates

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