Inner Sanctuary Part 4
                 Inner Sanctuary

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Final part to the story of Madeline Hastings (aka The Crimson Killer)

Inner Sanctuary Part 4

A cold shiver rushed down her spine all at once and she realised she was sitting in her chair in the study. The book she had been reading still open on the same page. An intense sense of rage started to build up within her as she looked back at her book. With a heavy hand she placed her page marker inside the crease and slammed the book shut. It was time.

Time for her to pay a visit to her house guest. She took one last sip of wine, finishing the glass as she made her way back down to the dungeon in the basement. She flung the door open and just stood in the doorway in a black leather outfit that hugged the contours of her body so tight it left nothing for the imagination.

Her guest looked up at her sudden entrance and smiled, pleased to see his mistress return to pleasure him so more. She slowly started to walk over to him seductively wiggling her hips with each step. Her six inch heels of her knee-high leather boots tapping on the floor as she walked.

Just the sight of his mistress aroused him and she could see his genitalia twitching with excitement and anticipation. This was what he came to her for. He could not wait for her to dominate him and emasculate him some more.

Madeline stood over him and looked down and met his smiling face with a stern expression of her own. He quickly realised what that meant and stopped smiling. “Welcome back Mistress”, he proclaimed excitedly. “Did I tell you you can speak?”, she said assertively.

He gave his answer in the form of shaking his head. She squatted down next to his head and gently leaned in towards his ear and whispered “Choose a safe word”. He knew exactly what that meant. The word mango shot out of his mouth very quickly. With that she stood up and placed one heel on his genitals and pressed down slowly but firmly.

This made him more excited and that tension was clearly on show for her. Sweat started to form on his brow as she pressed a little harder. Madeline stared at him intently watching her guest feel the sense of arousal and pain at the same time. All of a sudden she took her heel off and bent down and slapped his manhood really hard.

The back of his head slammed in to the floor as he let out a loud scream of pain. This made Madeline smile. His discomfort was intoxicating to her. As she stared at her guests screaming face she suddenly saw the face of the stranger, that man that killed her mother and very quickly the rage built up inside her.

She could feel the anger rising from the pit of her stomach and spreading throughout her entire body. She stood up and kicked her guests scrotum and watched him squirm as he tried to bring his legs together, failing miserably as the chains kept his legs spread apart.

The rage had built up inside so much that she no longer saw the face of her guest lying there helpless, the only thing in her eyes was the stranger. Her guest watched her closely as Madeline walked over to a large chest of drawers and took out a sticky black tape and came back towards him. She cut off a strip of tape and knelt down next to his head.

“There are no safe words here, B**CH!”, she said as she placed the tape over his mouth and stuck it down. “Ummm. Ummm. Ummm!”, he protested under the tape but all that could be heard was muffled noise.

“Shhhh my sweet boy, there’s nothing to fear”, Madeline said in a soft motherly tone but with a hint of sarcasm. “Everything is going to be just fine” She got up and began looking around the dungeon. One of her leather suits was hanging on the wall and there it was, the thing she had been looking for.

Madeline walked over to the wall and took off the leather belt that was wrapped around the waist of the outfit and made her way slowly back to her guest. She wrapped the buckle end of the belt around her gloved hand twice and left the rest dangling to the floor. With a swift raising of her hand and a quick slash down she started to whip her guests body repeatedly.

“Is that what you like b**ch!”, she proclaimed as she cracked the whip over and over and her guest writhing in agony, powerless to get free.

All of a sudden she stopped whipping him and straddled his chest. Looking straight in to his eyes, the eyes of the stranger, she grabbed a chunk of his hair and lifted his head up while feeding the belt underneath the neck then pushed in back in to the floor with a loud thud. “How do you feel now b**ch?”, the anger in her voice becoming very evident now.

She wrapped the belt tight around his neck and pulled. Tighter and tighter. Her grip getting stronger and stronger. The colour in the strangers face draining. His face turning blue from the lack of oxygen. She looked directly in to his eyes at point blank range and gave one final pull with all her might and watched his eyes widen as she suffocated the life out of him.

In a single moment his life had ended and she loosened her grip on the belt and let the dead head slump back to the floor with another thud. Madeline lifted herself off her guest and smiled with no sense of guilt of remorse. She felt a strange sense of excitement in taking his life. This was different to the previous victim, the stranger that killed her mother all those years ago.

He was her first, the one that took her innocence and replaced it with fury. This one, however, gave her pleasure in looking in to his eyes at the moment of inevitable doom, knowing she had the power of life and death itself. Madeline made her way up to the main house, to the study and picked up her cellphone and dialled.

“Hello darling”, Judge Hastings answered lovingly.

“Hello darling”, Judge Hastings answered lovingly. “Daddy…….

“Hello darling”, Judge Hastings answered lovingly. “Daddy……. daddy I need your help”

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