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First part of a story about Xeno, a male witch.

Hand of Destiny Part 1

{ For hundreds of years they have coexisted. Humans blissfully unaware that witches walked among them. They looked the same, breathed the same, spoke the same. Had jobs, a salary, paid taxes, got married, started families, all just like humans. But they were not human. They were born of a certain type of blood. A blood that carried their power.

A power that was passed down from generation to generation and always to the women of family. Being born with powers meant nothing, the witches had to be taught and trained how to use them effectively, a task that was achieved in the many finishing schools for girls that the witches coven owned. A council of thirteen members, all women, that presided over the governance of all witches.

They were the heads of their families and each family spun off in to different regions. Even though no one witch was higher than the other, the council always elected one witch to head the coven. She was the overseer and final word if need be. Despite witches always being female, from time to time the powers fell in to male blood.

The men were not as powerful as the women. They could cast their spells but some areas of witchcraft were still beyond them. It was never clear why this was, but some thought it was because men could only deliver the seed but they were not able to nurture that seed and give it life. This made them weaker than female witches.

That was, however, until he was born. }

“Sir…Sir”, the stewardess called out gently. “The captain has put the seatbelt sign on. You have to fasten your seatbelt, we will be landing shortly” “Oh thank you miss”, he replied smiling gently back at her.

Flight 38729 from New York to London landed right on schedule. After going through the usual security measures that every airport has, he emerged at the arrivals gate to be greeted with the familiar face of the family driver. “Welcome home Sir”, said the driver.

“How many times have I told you Johnson, call me Xeno”, he replied laughingly. “Sir makes me sound like an old man. I know I am a grown man now but I am not ‘that’ old” “You know your mother would not approve” “Yeah yeah I know, mother has always been a bit stiff”

“She is a lady Sir and it is a pleasure to be in her employ”, Johnson responded proudly. “I know Johnson. You are a good man. Shall we go home?” Johnson knew that was not a request no matter how softly it was said and replied, “Of course Sir”

One hour later, Xeno found himself standing at the front steps to his family home looking up at a pair of heavy set doors. Once upon a time this stately mansion saw three families dwelling within its walls, Xeno and his mother, his mother’s two sisters, their husbands and their children.

Not now though, now all his cousins had grown up, got married and moved out and were leading their own lives. All that was left in this vast building was himself, his mother and the two aunts and uncles. Only a few moments had passed when the thought struck him that the last few weeks seeing his cousin had been great but it was so good to be back home.

As soon as he got inside, Xeno headed straight for the drawing room where he knew his mother would be waiting for him. It was the last room at the end of the main entrance hall but in the mornings it received most of the sunlight. This was the one room in the house that his mother always spent her mornings.

Xeno entered the drawing room to find his mother sitting on the window seat admiring the view in to the back garden. A picturesque image filled with blossoming flowers of all types and lots of trees sprouting leaves, all signifying the transformation into spring.

“It’s beautiful isn’t it?”, questioned Xeno, announcing his presence. “It always is at this time of year”, she replied. She turned and looked straight at Xeno as he walked up toward her.

“Hello mother”, he said while putting his arms out waiting for a hug. “Xeno! You’re home. I have missed you so much!”, replied his mother with a little tear in her eye as she got up and moved into his embrace.

After a brief moment they let go of the tight hug and sat down on the sofa that lay in the middle of the room. “So how was your trip?”, asked his mother. “How is David and his family?”

“They are great and David is looking really well. The kids are doing well in school, but they are growing up so fast and Stephanie loves the new house” “Oh that is wonderful to hear. Your aunt and uncle will be pleased to hear that when you see them”

“Are they here?”, Xeno asked with a huge smile on his face. “No, they have gone out but they shall be back later on this evening”

That news made his smile grow even bigger. He loved his aunt and uncle as much as he loved his mother and he could not wait to see them as soon as they got home. As they sat there Xeno took his mother’s hands and his face suddenly became very solemn.

“Mother. I need to ask you something”

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