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A little piece on unity in these troubled days over the recent events in the US. I purposely have not used any images for this piece.


As a person of colour I stand with all others Brothers and sisters We all make a difference

Every day we are alive We strive to survive When we walk out the door Will we return home once more?

Or will we be taken By the badge of oppression How many times must we see this pain Before we stand up and make a change

We must all come togther and stand as one Challenge the regime and demand a new sun No matter what colour, no matter what race We are all human and we all have a place

His name was George Floyd, an unknown to the world Three words left his lips, and the world all heard "I Can't Breathe", stays in our hearts and minds When we all unite we can change these troubled times

When we stand together Nothing can make us shatter We stand together Because all lives matter!

~ ~ (Sidenote) The recent events in the US have just reminded the world that police brutality happens when you are a person of colour and is something that should never happen to anyone of any colour. We all should stand together as one for we are all humans and we all have the right to treated fairly.

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