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Sometimes the choices we make lead to unwanted consequences.

Clinical Notes

Subject is 23 years of age, male, black and from a troubled background When looking at the history, many issues could be found. From low income housing, with just a mother to tend to his needs Isolated from family, with no outside guidance for his deeds.

A succession of lovers, for his mother did he witness Abusing with violence, disturbing his view of goodness. Educating his brain, became a rigorous chore A lack of focus meant, he became easily bored.

All of this lead, to a performance so poor Keeping up with the children, something he couldn't afford. Then one day it came, to his sheer surprise In his teens did he see, a comfort to his eyes.

An open invitation, to a new family unit Whatever is asked for, he is willing to do it. The knife was his badge, that he wore with such pride Now known to the law, as he walked the wrong side.

Always standing up, against rival factions Ready to smack down, at the slightest infraction. Brushes with the law, on many an occasion Have lead him to a life, of minor incarcerations.

But this one altercation, has sealed is fate Provoked by the law, with representation not so great. Six years have passed, of a sentence too harsh The school of hard knocks, has taught him very fast.

An unjust world, where liberty is caged Is not for him, for now he chooses a new way. His counsel is offered, on the blood stained streets His blade is exchanged, with the experience he does preach.

His mission is still, to fight where he can But instead of a knife, he prefers to join hands!

~~ (Sidenote) This was adapted from a case study that I am working on for my next assignment which I decided to turn in to a poem for today's prompt word of 'Peace'. Hope you enjoyed it. :)

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