Harold B's Really Lonely Thanksgiving
Harold B's Really Lonely Thanksgiving lgbtq stories

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The loneliest third-grade boy... maybe ever.

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Harold B's Really Lonely Thanksgiving

It's Thanksgiving time. Has there ever been a lonelier third-grader than Harold B?


His best friend, Henrietta, is out of town, visiting her grandpa and grandma in Kansas.

Henrietta doesn't even like her grandma and grandpa. They buy the bad kind of cookies and their iPads are too small.

Harold B's mom and dad are worried. First, their son is painting his fingernails. Now, he's spending the entire Thanksgiving holiday alone in his room.

In his room, Harold B texts Henrietta: I wish your grandma and grandpa would die already An hour later, Henrietta texts back: I know!!!

Downstairs, Harold B's mom says to his dad: "Maybe he should see someone?" Harold B's dad shakes his head in quiet despair.

Thirty minutes later, Harold B is lying face down on his bed. He thinks about what Henrietta's older brother told them last week. He said: "Thanksgiving is bullshit. There was no feast. It a was a genocide, pure and simple. "

For his high school's mock election, Hernietta's older brother voted for Bernie Sanders.

Harold B thinks: If Thanksgiving truly is about genocide, then maybe I should be upset and lonely on Thanksgiving.

And while thinking these terrible thoughts, Harold B starts to cry a little.

The End

Happy Thanksgiving :(

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