Best Friends, Not Boyfriend and Girlfriend

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One more excerpt from a book I published here:

Best Friends, Not Boyfriend and Girlfriend

"You like Ricki, you want to eat oatmeal raisin cookies with her all night long," goes Billie during history class. "No.... but you like Ian, and you want to eat grilled mozzarella with him till midnight," goes Bubba.

Billie shakes her head, then escalates their war by knocking Bubba's pencil off his desk. Bubba glares at his best friend. "Uh-oh," Billie thinks, "did I take it too far and do a war crime?"

Today, Billie has on a black dress with a pink collar and a picture of a scary rainbow pony on the back. The dress stops right below her knees, leaving Bubba plenty of skin to get in a good pinch.

And the pinch gets Billie whimpering like a kitty being stabbed to death. "I'm gonna blow up your apartment," threatens Billie. "Boom boom boom." "Well... what if I blow up your apartment first?" asks Bubba.

"Quit flirting," barks Devin, who, according to middle school gossip, is a drug addict. So both Bubba and Billie glare at this Devin.

"What does he know?" they think. "He's not part of our friend group. He has no fashion. Torn T-shirts and baggy jeans.... ewww. This walking style-criminal needs to butt out. Flirting? Nope. We're best friends, not boyfriend and girlfriend.

But if Billie and Bubba truly think they couldn't be boyfriend and girlfriend, why do they stop threatening to blow up each other up and stuff? Why does Billie bury her head in her composition book and start to draw possessed kitties?

And why does Bubba listen to the history teacher speak passionately about some president boy named Andrew Johnson?

Maybe the two were flirting... Or maybe they just have had enough war and blowing up for one period.

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