On Falling in Love in a Public Restroom
On Falling in Love in a Public Restroom button poetry stories

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A secret moment of love shared between two people the were forced to keep quiet.

On Falling in Love in a Public Restroom

Try really, really,

really, hard

not to touch anything.

Keep your hands focused on the mismatch of your puzzle piece selves.

You do not fit, but will try

so hard to belong to each other in the next coming months,

but for now,

relish in the comfortable silence spray painting the already graffitied walls around you.

When hiding in a public restroom, be quiet

and be scared.

But when someone walks in be

very quiet

and very scared.

After your hands have outlined another's body

as yours is given a form and after your breath

has circled through his lungs just to be pushed back into yours,

and you are once again

just You



listen to the water in the walls.

The air conditioning's stuttering

and the polite small talk of passing strangers.

When silence falls seven inches away from you,

don't speak.

Rest in the quiet.

Find your heartbeat again and separate it from his.

When you throw each of his dirty breaths into a laundry basket to push back over to his side

of the stall;

Keep one.

Tuck it into your bra and remember not to do it again,

but to also remember his hands trying to find your approval

in the dark.

To two lovers,

whose neither name matters because your lips are too busy to say them.

You are just two people in the dark; hiding;

wrapped in vulnerability in a place neither of you belong.

Floating on a stream of silence.

Why must people fill the empty space between them

with the salvation of a conversation?

Like they are drowning in the silence

and every moment they are treading water,

feels like hours and the words thrown between them

are their seconds of life rafts.

Why do people cling to the things that they know will disappear?

That will mean nothing?

When floating is so

much easier.

When humans allow themselves to relax,

the world will fall silent

and life will thrive off stolen breaths and everyday secrets.

Then the comfortable silence between two people will no longer be an anomaly.

You know,

I don't have much to say on falling in love, much less falling in love in a public restroom,

and I guess that's because in that moment,


comfortable silence belongs to everyone.

When humans relax,

the world will fall silent

and two people hiding in a bathroom stall

will just be able to sit in each other's existence,

and just say .

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