Can Ex's Be Friends?
Can Ex's Be Friends? stories

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Morgan and James. Can they really still be friends?

Can Ex's Be Friends?

Should I text him? No. Should I text him? No. Maybe? It's been a month since we broke up. I have a new boyfriend.

*creak* *creak* What's that? Somebody here?

This is boyfriend isn't picking up. Okay, fine I have to call James, my ex. Ugh but I really don't think I should.

"'s Morgan. I'm really scared. I swear somebody is in my house. Can you please help me? I called the cops already"

"Morgan, you can't keep calling me. You have another boyfriend now. You have to handle this yourself"

"James, please. I'm begging you. I swear somebody is in my house. I'm really really scared"


"Fine. Stay where you are, I'll be there in a few minutes"

Being home alone sucks. What's that? Okay somebody is for sure downstairs. That sound was the door downstairs. This isn't good. This really isn't good.

Locking my bedroom door. Locked. Gosh my heart is pounding. Who could be downstairs? Oh dear I hope this is a joke.

Quick text: "James, there is somebody downstairs. I hear him. BE CAREFUL AND COME QUICKLY" James: "I'm outside. I think I see him. Stay up there and be quiet."

*CLANG* "GROAN* *BANG* Oh gosh. I can hear the fighting from up here. Sounds like James caught the intruder by surprise. By the sound of it, he completely knocked the guy out.

Maybe I misjudged James. I thought he didn't fact that's why I dumped him. Yet at the end he's the one who saved me.

He was never a bad boyfriend I guess. Maybe I was just expecting too much. I owe him my life now. The crashing noises downstairs have stopped.

James: "You can come down now. He's out cold. I got him with my knife" I wonder who it was. I think I owe James an apology. It may be time to give him another chance.

Walking out of my room and down the stairs, I see a lot of broken vases and pots and pans everywhere. That explains all the noise. I walk up to James. "Where's the guy?"

James looks over and smiles. "There is no guy", he says. "I don't understand...." He pulls out his knife.

In today's news, Morgan Daniels was murdered in her home at 11:58pm. Her ex-boyfriend, James Pluton is suspected of the murder and currently on the run. Police say he may be armed and dangerous.

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