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A prom Tim can never forget. Seriously. Never.

After Prom

I seriously can't believe it. I'm at prom with JESS! I've been dreaming about this since middle school.

The night's winding down and the talks of afterparties are going on. I've seen the movies.....I wonder if she's expecting us to...y'know....

But I've never done it before. Am I supposed to be nervous? Heck. I don't even know if she'll want to.

"Yo Tim, you and Jess should come over to my house after. It's gonna be lit!", my buddy John yells over. I look over at Jess. She shrugs. I give John a thumbs up.

We head over to John's place and the place is seriously poppin. I see beer and all the cool kids in town. I look over at Jess. She looks bored.

"Jess, what's wrong?" "Tim, you know why I really came to prom with you right?"

"Why?" I stammer. She quietly grabs my hand and leads me up the stairs.

Well this is it..... I can't believe it. I'm almost nervous.

She pushes me into the room and locks the door behind her. She looks past me and smiles.

I had been dreaming about this moment.

"Thanks for bringing him" a voice behind me growls. I turn around....

It's John.....and he doesn't look happy.

He pulls out a gun and handcuffs. "Come here slowly". He motions at me.

He cuffs me and sits me on the bed.

"You know the 5 people who disappeared this year?" "That was my doing."

And you're next.

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