i hate (me)

pluxoa dumb kid
Autoplay OFF  •  4 months ago

i hate (me)

by pluxo

i do everything wrong

i always fall out of love

i shouldn't be here

i'll just break more hearts

i'm a horrible person

b y e

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pluxoa dumb kid
4 months ago
sad ?
feeling empty

pluxoa dumb kid
5 months ago
not good

pluxoa dumb kid
6 months ago
b a d
i h a t e m y s e l f

onlyadreamerGrace - She/her, INFP, dreaming
4 months agoReply
I'm not sure what to say. Take whatever time you need to love yourself, but know that there are hundreds of people awaiting your return. <3<3<3<3!!!

greenloveopen diary
4 months agoReply
aw love no