The Light of the Moon
The Light of the Moon hope stories
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plutonium I hope, I dream, and I want
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The Moonlight is special

The Light of the Moon

by plutonium

A little girl walked home as the sun began to set. She intended to leave the library early, but got caught up in her studies.

The light of the sun streched out and warmed her up before it dissappeared under the horizon.

But soon, her warmth faded as the sun faded. The chillys of the dark night swept underneath her clothes and chilled her bones.

Not even the small lights of her town helped light up the night. Dark winds crawled past her and trees rattled because of it. She was scared

She was alone.

But then rays of light hit her face, and in confusion she looked up, the big moon shined upon her.

The stars started to shine and the moon provided her with the safety of light and beauty.

Never think that just because it's dark, it's not possible to find the light. Even in the darkest situations, something will shine.

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