The Rising Of A Legend
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A disease wiped out whole human population but there is one survivor and something unimaginable is going to happen. something that is beyond human. Many mysteries and revelations will be there in future chapters...

By: Vaishno

The Rising Of A Legend

by Vaishno


Year 2041, the year when the world started to fall apart, a deadly disease started to spread in the human population.

This outbreak made no sense, it was not an infectious disease. The cause of the disease was unknown, mode of spreading was unknown. Then too new patients were showing up all around the world.

It was declared a pandemic within a month after the outbreak, most of the countries went in complete lockdown.

But it was on no use; still the numbers were rising, both the sufferers and the deceased.

Scientists all around the world worked very hard to find the cause of this disease but they failed, they couldn't even have success in finding the causative organism of this disease......

6 months passed like this, about half of the human population died, the WHO had named this disease as "The End" because it had no cure, no nation made any progress in developing a cure,the mortality rate was 100%....

One year after the outbreak, all the human population deceased, except for one person, a 16 year old boy who had lost everything and everyone.

The last person sat alone in a room in a dark room with his back towards the door and then something unexpected happened. Something he never imagined that would ever happen....

He heard something at the door ..... *knock*, *knock*, *knock* ...

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