The Prank Wars of Doom
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That was it. The final straw. That was the last time Travis and Connor would prank Will Solace. He would make sure of that. He just needed to find out the perfect way to retaliate against them. Or, where Will Solace pulls revenge against camp's best pranksters, using his own pranks!

The Prank Wars of Doom

That was it. The final straw. That was the last time Travis and Connor would prank Will Solace. He would make sure of that. He just needed to find out the perfect way to retaliate against them.

He had read somewhere that to make the enemy feel the burn to the max, you needed to beat them at their own game. And that's just what he planned to do.

Will recruited some of his best Apollo campers. They stayed up all night working on the secret project.

Kayla, Austin and Will wrote what they call, 'The Prank War Advisor', just to make sure there were (at least) rules.

The next day, a group of very tired Apollo campers dropped the 34-page book describing the rules on the Hermes cabin doorstep along with 16 very confused deer.

And thus, the prank war began. Travis and Connor busted out their very best, along with an entire cabin of experienced prankers.

The Apollo Cabin could barely leave their cabin without being assaulted by decaying mangos and flying chickens. It seemed the Apollo cabin had no chance whatsoever.

Little did Hermes cabin know that Apollo cabin was perhaps the smartest cabin, besides Athena.

The war lasted weeks. The camp was in disarray. Chiron and Mr. D played a blind eye and secretly enjoyed watching their campers 'practice battle skills'. Bets took place on who would win.

Campers took sides.

Lieutenant Will was planning possibly their biggest prank yet in the Apollo cabin when a bunch of his campers came in running covered in red. The youngest camper, Sawyer, gasped out, "Paint...

permanent... dining hall." His peers nodded aggressively.

Will had never felt the fire in his bones that strongly before, well except maybe when Nico kissed him, but that's completely off-topic. "Payback time." He snarled.

They had to act fast before Hermes had time to recuperate.

Will sent his campers to and fro, and before the dawn of the next day, all of his campers were hidden in various parts of the training Arena.

They were armed with egg bows (bows that are designed to launch raw eggs), and ready for battle.

As the Hermes cabin set off for sword practice, no one noticed that the Apollo kids were nowhere to be seen. Once they arrived, Apollo launched fire. Hermes retaliated without mercy.

Mere yards away, Chiron was strolling through the campgrounds. A strange noise caught his attention; he set off towards the shrieks and yells.

Upon seeing Hermes kids being bombarded with raw eggs and Apollo campers laughing maniacally, he called to order. Someone didn't get the memo to stop.

Everyone within 20 meters watched Chiron being nailed in the head with an egg.

Pure silence ensued. Then chaos broke loose. Chiron picked an abandoned bow off the ground and joined the madness.

At the big house, Mr. D heard an enormous amount of noise erupting from the Arena. He made his way toward his colleague and campers. Everyone stopped. Mr.

D yelled in rage at seeing his normal clean arena dotted with yolks and eggshells. 28 pairs of eyes looked at him fearfully, knowing that they had gone too far.

All campers were tasked with the tedious job of cleaning it up.

After that disaster, Travis and Connor met up with Will at a Chiron-organized meeting to call a ceasefire. They duly complied.

Later, the entire camp learned not to mess with Will Solace and the Apollo cabin.

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