I miss you
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pleasedontgoghWe could've been something wonderful
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Definatley not the best but it's one of those nights.

I miss you

by pleasedontgogh


You're gone and I can't seem to comprehend just exactly what I've done wrong


Why'd you stop loving me? Why wasn't I enough to fill the emptiness in your heart.


Our love was so pure, so unique. Our love was like nobody else's but I guess I'm biased because it seems like you're loving her the same way you loved me.


Her name is Tatiana and my name is Josie, hers flows from your mouth without confusion because you could never look me in the eyes and say my name.

I still love you

I'll never know why you stopped loving me but I'm here and I still love you

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The plaintive notes drifted upward to join in the lament of billions of souls asking the same question that you raised. The words brought the melancholic tone easily to our ears. Yoiu did an excellent job!!! Please understand I am not being nasty. I have no nastiness left. I used it up in my youth. Do you speak Dutch? Your username would be pronounced (play azee dohnt gohck) cool huh?