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Lyrics from hamilton


So this is what it feels like to match wits

with someone at your level! What the hell is the catch?

It's the feeling of freedom, of seein' the light

it's Ben Franklin with a key and a kite! You see it, right?

The conversation lasted two minutes, maybe three minutes

Ev'rything we said in total agreement

It's a dream and it's a bit of a dance

A bit of a posture, it's a bit of a stance. He's a bit of a flirt, but I'm ‘a give it a chance

I asked about his fam'ly, did you see his answer?

His hands started fidgeting, he looked askance?

He's penniless, he's flying by the seat of his pants

Handsome, boy, does he know it!

Peach fuzz, and he can't even grow it!

I wanna take him far away from this place then I turn and see my sister's face and she is


And I know she is


And her eyes are just


And I realize three fundamental truths at the exact same time

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