Field Trip Preparation
Field Trip Preparation field stories

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A story of Jake preparing or his field trip and how he solves his problem.

Field Trip Preparation

"Your field trip will take place next week so you better fill up this form or else you will be rejected", the teacher proclaimed, "Class dismissed". I, Jake, went to my locker to place my books and then I started walking home. I reached my house to find out my parents not liking me going to the field trip cause of financial problems.

I went slowly to my room a little gloomy due to the denial of me going. I just laid on my bed and rested for 20 minutes and woke up with some great inspiration, I had a great idea and it was to earn enough money to go to the field trip. I for an hour thought to myself how I can earn 25 dollars and I had gotten no idea at all but I didn't lose all my hope.

Next day, It was a holiday so I planned to wake up late but my mom woke me up early for some chores. While I was walking my dog, I got a nice idea, why not I walk someone else's dogs? And so, I did. I earned a mere 10 dollars which was less but a good amount for one day of doing it.

Now I just needed 15 dollars and I had 5 days so that wasn't going to be a big problem.4 days later, I earned enough money to go and my parents were happy and filled the form. I was ecstatic and soon went on the field trip.

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