Cold Winter | Part 5 |
Cold Winter | Part 5 | winter stories

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The two finally meet, after 4 parts! Although, I wouldn't say it was a smooth meet up.
P.S. --- means its switching POV

Cold Winter | Part 5 |

Part 5: LIFE!

I opened another drawer. Inside was a few folders and in the bottom was a few batteries. This building was completely untouched, so there were resources everywhere. I had already found many electronics and batteries. The kitchen reviled an electric stove, which was nice and a pantry containing a few cans of food.

I began looking through some maps of the complex and noticed that the large hanger indeed held rocket, but below it was a whole network of underground rooms. Another folder had a manual and workbook for solar panels, what was also included was a note and recipe stating that there was some 50 industrial grade solar panels in the workshop storage.

That seemed to be my first order of business since most of the luxuries and equipment required electricity. Inside the workshop, machines and equipment lay on the tables and the ground. The room smelled of oil and metal. Behind the main room was a similar room filled to the top with storages and boxes.

I began searching for the solar panels, you would think finding 50 solar panels would be easy but this proofed to not be the case. Finally, I stumbled upon the panels and the electrical equipment that accompanies them. I immediately got to work on setting everything out and starting to put together pieces.

- - - After a long while, I finally reached a chain link fence at the top. I could see a break in it further to the side so I made my way there. The top of the hill had the launch rails, two warehouses and what seemed to be a building to house personnel. At the break was footprints.

They seemed fresh, I looked towards the buildings following the footprints. I then noticed the door to the smaller warehouse was slightly open. All these signaled human habitats, at the time I felt happy. After so many years of working alone, I found another person. But the more I thought about it the more precautions I had to be.

I slipped through the fence and made my way to the warehouse door. I slowly peeked through the door's window and saw a man by a table, he seemed to be tinkering with a solar panel. As I leaned on the door it creaked before loudly slamming shut. Quietly I stepped away, surely the man heard that.

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