Cold Winter | Part 2 |
Cold Winter | Part 2 | winter stories

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The story moves over to the second main characters as she struggles with her studies as a physicist.

Cold Winter | Part 2 |

Part 2: What's a Scientist Without Equipment?

I dropped another glass tube into the floor, that was the last tube. I dropped to the floor in rage as I had just broken the only way to keep solutions. Chemistry wasn't my strong suit, physics was but in order to do my research I had to involve a bit of chemistry. I left the lab room and went to the storage room where I slept.

I had to leave this laboratory, I was running low on supplies and couldn't continue my research here anymore. There was talk of a lab in the rocket launch site so I made a plan. It was 26 miles and 1030 feet uphill. I had been living here, doing research to pass the time for 11 years. I felt as though I would be safest if I stayed here, but eventually, I knew I would have to leave.

The lab had been left in a state of panic as the sickness took many scientists. I took refuge and blockaded myself inside. I had blocked off the top floor and only left the top to go downstairs for supplies and whatnot.

I picked up my back and sling the strap over my shoulder. I walked to the lab and collected my papers and comments. The lab had lost power a few years ago but I was able to salvage the software and archives into a hard drive. I made sure I always kept it on me.

The top floor was blocked off by desks but there was an opening at the top where you could crawl through. I tossed my bag through then crawled through. The trek was going to be long as I reviewed my map. Once outside I breathed in the brisk air and felt the sun beating on my face. I hadn't left in so long I almost forgot what outside looked like.

But to be honest, it had changed so much I still couldn't remember much. The quiet landscape was interrupted by an occasional whistle of the wind. I made my way through the snow, headed for the launch site.

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