Don't Spend Your Life Waiting for the Weekend

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Preethi Kasireddy is a Partner at Andreesen Horowitz.

My full post is here:

Don't Spend Your Life Waiting for the Weekend

by Preethi Kasireddy

Ever have the Monday blues?

If not, I commend and envy you. For the rest of us, let’s admit that the work week lifestyle sucks — “living for the weekend”, it’s a bad way to live

The Monday blues have been on my mind a lot

Even though I’ve had fulfilling jobs, deep down I still felt excited to clock out on Friday and anxious about returning to the office on Monday.

It was tough to admit to myself

that I wasn't where I needed to be. It was even tougher to leave in search of my passion

Figuring out your passion is hard

Especially if you already have a good job

I wanted to do something that satisfied 3 criteria:

1) Keep my mind off Fridays and make me excited for Mondays

2) Always have something to learn

3) Have something I could passionately work on for life

I've found something that makes me excited: programming

I've been going through an immersive software engineering program called Hack Reactor. There is not a single morning that I dreaded going to Hack Reactor even though I code for the next 12 hours

There something magical

about doing something because you want to do it rather than because you have to. That's what coding has become for me.

It definitely has its lows

It's incredibly challenging. You always feel uncomfortable. You can sit there for hours fixing a tiny bug. You spend tons of time on things that feel annoying. There are ALWAYS people 100x better

These lows haven’t discouraged me

I simply love programming.

You are not alone.

I hope that readers going through similar growing pains know that they are not alone. Few of us are born knowing what our passion is, and figuring it out is a journey.

I may not be there yet

but I believe that by refusing to settle and following my curiosities I will keep getting better.

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@pkasireddy love this! I can definitely relate to your experience as I remembered going through my boot camp. I enjoyed every minute of it and that was the first time I ever felt excited about going to class! @sydney well I did have to take one intro programming class for my mech eng degree in my freshmen year and I always meant to learn more but never fit it into my schedule. It wasn't until I enrolled in Dev League, the software boot camp I went through that I remember how much more I enjoyed coding. Looking back, I don't know why I didn't realize this earlier as that intro programming class was one of the classes I enjoyed most in college. If I switched earlier, I would've been so much further along 😅

2 years agoReply
Love the criteria @pkasireddy! There was a time where I felt lost and didn't know what I wanted to do. It would have been much easier if I had set a criteria! Thank you for sharing :).

2 years agoReply
Inspiring article! Thanks for the post. :)

sydneyVerifiedco-creator of Commaful
2 years agoReply
Great post Preethi!! @slisam and I talk a lot about "finding passion." From a 3rd party perspective, it's really easy to see when she lights up talking about something. @kevinshin I know you recently caught the programming bug coming from a different major. How did you stumble upon programming? @yvettemc18 I remember we talked about project management. How did you "know" that was your passion? @chadmas99 You've had to make some big life decisions and I can tell you were so excited about what's to come! How did you go about finding your "passion"