The War For The Ages: Logan First part. #2
  The War For The Ages: Logan First part.

                                  #2 the wolverine stories

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Logan just wants rest, and while he calmly walks around in the early morning one of his most known villain shows up: Sabretooth. When Logan thinks this will be a fight like always but Victor nows it would be different this time. This time it truly would end differently​ as a normal story...

The War For The Ages: Logan First part. #2

Before you start reading make sure you have read the first issue as well, link in comments! Hope y'all gonna enjoy it! I worked really long on this and it took me hours to translate. Unfortunate I had to split it up in two parts so this is the first one, the second one isn't this long tho. HAVE FUN!

June 25, 5 am.

Logan looks angry at Victor, Logan is scared. Scared for what's about to happen. He can see it in the eyes of Victor that he speaks the truth. Logan thinks:

"Are they going to kill them all? But how? I mean, I'm immortal they can't kill me. No, they would never succeed. Every hero against a little group of HYDRA-agents, No they can't."

Logan looks a bit less afraid at Victor, he thinks that they will not succeed but this time it will be different. This time the bad guys are with more, they will maybe win this.

Logan says to Victor with a little vibration in his voice of anger and scare:

"What do you mean? What do you mean with they gonna kill them all? That doesn't make any sense! The superheroes will win. Like always!"

"Hmmm. I love your way of thinking brother, I only say what I know but I know the bad guys will win! You shall see. They're stronger, much stronger. They didn't say much but I just know it.

This time the heroes will finally die and WE will win!

Victor laughs dark at Logan and Logan runs angry at him and with a furious voice he says:

"I think not!"

Victor starts now to run as well. Logan jumps towards Victor and he prepares his fist to deal with a hard punch, but Victor slides underneath him and cuts Logan in the belly.

Logan rolls on the ground and blood starts streaming out of his belly.

Victor turns around and laughs at Logan. Victor goes down on his hands and feet and he starts to runs like an animal towards Logan, and while he runs Logan's belly starts healing back to normal.

Logan turns around and he sees Victor coming closer and closer and on the last moment jumps Logan with superspeed aside and he turns around.

He runs at Victor who not even could stop himself because of his own speed and before he even realized he got tackled on the ground by Logan.

Logan deals out a hard punch right in the face of Victor, Victor screams of the pain and he sees Logan charging his arm to give a punch double as hard as the previous one.

While Logan is still charging his arm to punch, a little laugh appears on Logan's face.

Victor crawls away as fast as he could and the smile disappeared on Logan when he sees Victor jumping up and before Logan could react he stomps him in his face.

Logan could barely hold his balance and he jumps back. Both hunters now stand right across each other. Their eyes full of anger and both grunt at each other like real animals.

At the same time, they start running at each other and Victor strikes towards Logan but Logan doges the punch by sliding under the arm of Victor.

Logan jumps up and turns around just like Victor does. Immediately they start running again at each other now Logan strikes first at Victor and Victor dodges the punch by jumping aside.

But before Victor could run past him, Logan immediate turns and he swings his arm towards the neck of Victor and hits him in the throat. Victor tumbles back while he gasps for breath.

Logan jumps and hit Victor with his knee against his cheek. Victor drops and Logan jumps behind him and a tiny sweatdrop slides across his face. Logan wipes it off and calmly he says:

"You're not gonna win, Victor. Run, I don't want to waste any more effort to you, I'm not in the mood now."

Victor stands up with one hand against his chin, a little smile appears. Logan is surprised and Victor sais:

Maybe I couldn't win, but I think you forgot something.

Maybe I couldn't win, but I think you forgot something. HAIL HYDRA!

Victor runs again and Logan sight. *Snik *Snik, Logan's claws shoot out of his hand and he sais bored:

"I gave you the chance to run away."

Logan swings his claws trough the air towards Victor and when Victor tried to slide under it, cuts Logan him in his arm.

Victor slides next to Logan's legs and with his sharp fingernails, he cuts him in his leg. A deep wound is visible in the leg of Logan. Victor stands up while his arm starts healing.

Logan sais angry while he turns around towards Victor:

"My pants, you already cut my shirt and now my pants! You know you are not going to win, this is just annoying for me and painful for you!"

"Stop saying you're gonna win, cause you already lose!"

Logan looks confused at victor and victor starts laughing when he sees his face and he resumes talking:

"You know, I'm gonna make it more fun. You can save yourself... if you find me."

"What are you talking about? Why should I save me or find YOU?"

"You can get the answers after my little 'demonstration'."

Victor chuckles and runs towards Logan and Logan looks full renounce at Victor:

"Again? common on, now it just gets tiresome. You know who's gonna win."

"Oh, I know."

Victor runs to Logan and Victor swings his arm towards Logan, an attack whom Logan could avoid but yet... Victor cuts him in his face cause Logan dodged to slow.

Logan looks confused at Victor and him sais:

"I... I slowed. Because of my leg! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!"

Victor laughs at the reaction of Logan and proud he sais :

"I told you, HYDRA gave me the needed stuff. Look at your leg, strange, it didn't heal.

"What... what are you talking about?! HOW?!

Victor laughs and looks down at the confused but yet also scared Logan.

"Look at you know! You can't do anything to me now! You know HYDRA gave me a... how would I call it?"

Victor chuckles:

"A cure against your healing. Te only thing I had to do was to do a bit on my fingernails when you weren't paying attention and then cut it deep enough in your body.

At first, I wanted to play a bit with you, but then I just couldn't wait to see your reaction that you eventually would lose.

HAHAHA, you really thought it would be easy this time, but look at you know. The Wolverine. PFUH!

Victor walks laughing away and Logan feels the wound cutting in his forehead and he sees the blood streaming out of his leg. Victor shouts while he slowly but happy walks away:

"It was worth it, you should have seen your own face when you figured it out. Find me! I have the cure!

Those last words echoed around Logan's head. Logan pulls slowly his claws back while he closes his eyes off the pain and shame. *Snik *Snik

Logan thinks while he calmly stands still, he feels the cold morning wind blowing against his face. his head faces down and Victor walks away in the background.

"Who am I know? Am I still the Wolverine without my healing factor? After all, maybe I can die calmly, start a happy family and that sort of stuff.

I don't need to fight if I'm not The Wolverine anymore... No! I can't, not now! I can't give up, Victor said they would kill them all. I can't let them alone, not now.

But I can't help them if they really can kill the others as well, I couldn't even save myself! I can't without my healing factor. Without it, I can't use my claws.

If I let them out, the wounds could eventually kill me."

Logan walks away slowly. The atmosphere around Logan is depressive. Logan thinks further:

"Yet, I've trained a lot to fight, to be a good fighter. I don't need my healing factor. I have trained long, I learned all different sorts of fighting technics.

The adamantium in my body can deliver me advantages. I don't need my claws to be The Wolverine.

I have to warn the X-men before HYDRA will try to kill them as well, maybe try to kill the children!"

Logan starts running, but fast his leg starts hurting him even more and as much as he wants to run, he just can't.

Logan walks now as fast as possible and by every sound, Logan looks around and smells if nothing is there to attack him. After an hour the X-mansion finally reaches sight.

The sun slowly rises behind the building and Logan starts running. Although his leg hurts, Logan runs with only one thing in mind:

"Are they oke?'

Logan groans of the pain but he tries to avoid it, he doesn't want to think about that now, the only thing he thinks about are his friend, his students.

Logan runs and pushes the front doors open, a loud bang is heard because the doors hit the walls. Logan runs through the hallways, nobody. He runs up towards the office of Charles Xavier.

He swings the doors open and Charles sits behind his desk. Charles smiles at Logan while Logan safely breathes Charles sais:

"I expected you Logan, but why the rush and... What happened with your face? Why doesn't it heal? "

Logan speaks anxiously while his head and leg burn of the pain:

"We have no time, we have to hide the children and make the X-men ready for a fight, a BIG fight!"

Charles looks stumped at logan but also a little worried because Logan's face doesn't heal.

The alpha level mutant knows that Logan isn't scared that fast, they have been through a lot together in the past but he has never looked that worried.

"Charles, we have to make us ready for a big fight, not only the X-men will be attacked but almost every hero on this planet.

They have destroyed my Healing Factor, but they can't destroy us, Not together!"

To be continued...

The next part is in the link soon!

Please say in comment if my English is improved, if it was really worth it all those ours? Cause gosh I worked a lot on it... More information about me also in my previous issue!

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