The War For The Ages #3
The War For The Ages #3 logan stories

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June 25, 5 pm. Logan runs towards a Hydra Agent. His facial expression is anger, but yet also confusion.

The War For The Ages #3

June 25, 5 pm.

Logan runs towards a Hydra Agent. His facial expression is anger, but yet also confusion.

If a person would stand before him he already would know his faith,

he would know he would lose but yet the hydra agent in front of him knows that the animal what is running towards him can kill him,

he knows he has no chances to win his fight but he stands ready to fight. He stands ready to take the punches, too die for what he stands for.

Logan thinks: "Why? Why is he ready to die for what he stands for.

Does he know he's on the bad guys' team? He has to! He's fighting against the heroes, the people who saved thousands of people, and yet he stands there. On the other side.

Why? Maybe they brainwashed them or something. It can't be you would volunteer for this, maybe they're innocent. Or maybe they think we're the bad guys. Either way, we have to stop them.

Logan strikes towards the agent, the agent blocks but does not attack, Logan who is surprised at the speed of the agent strikes again and punches the agent in the belly.

The agent falls on the ground of pain and when Logan wants to attack another one the agent stands up and jumps towards Logan.

The agent punches Logan on the back of his head and Logan turns around then the other agents stand around Logan and are ready to attack.

Logan: This is gonna be a loooong fight, COME ON!

Logan starts fighting in the same area as the X-men. They fight for everything they love, the children that they teach and help but also their city. But most importantly: Their lives.

Not "their lives", but the lives of the children, the lives of all the innocent people that get robbed by them and punched. The ones that are scared and are locked up at their houses.

But the heroes are not afraid to die as well as the agents they fight against, they die for what they stand.

Not only the X-men but yet also every hero that exists on this planet are fighting for what they stand and all of them have the same question: Why? Why is this happening?

Whole New York is full of Hydra agents and the New Yorkers are just sitting inside, scared, waiting for what is going to happen next, maybe they die.

Maybe every hero dies and what then? Who's gonna protect them then?

Some of them are scared for what is next and some of them don't give a !@#$, they're just optimistic and think it would be alright, like always.

The heroes will stop them and find out why it happened, we all know how it normally goes.

But will it be this time? The army not only exist out of Hydra agents but also out of robots and villains, some stronger than others.

Some of the villains could almost stop the heroes alone and some of them needed a team of villains. But this time they're all together. This time there's a big chance of succeeding.

This time the fight will be different.

Logan fights his way trough against agents that are way stronger as he thought. All of them has some fighting skill.

Even though Logan is wounded and wants to use his claws, he keeps fighting as long as everybody else on his side does. But after almost an hour of fighting Logan thinks:

"I can't do this, it is too much. They're with too much. I won't survive this without my healing factor, I have to find Victor for the antidote.

But where should he be? Maybe he's in this army fighting against other heroes? I don't know but I have to find him, NOW.

When Logan nocks a hydra agent down he looks up and sees a robot twice the size of himself.

Logan jumps on it and starts punching everywhere, but as much as he punches, it seems that it has no effect but just hurting Logans' fists.

The robot grabs Logan analyzes it and his eyes turn red.

The robot says with a way too sci-fi voice: Kill.

Logan says with a tired voice: "That's kindly, nice to meet you."

The robot takes Logan's head with his other head and starts pulling it.

Logan screams because of the pain and for a moment he thinks he's done, but then he realized he has to fight, he knows he can't let everybody else down. Not now. Not as long as. The others fight.

*Snik *Snik

Logan's claws pop out of his fists and Logan cuts with all his strengths the hand of the robot off. Then he cuts the other hand off and Logan falls with the hand still around him on the ground.

He tries his best to get the hand of him but a group of hydra agents already surrounded him like a group of zombies who saw some tasty human flesh.

Logan waves around with his claws and cuts every finger of the robot until he's finally free.

Logan jumps out the group of HYDRA-agents and with his claws still out he starts cutting them like a real animal.

An animal who's out of revenge, who doesn't think about anything else except his beloved one and himself. He thinks only to protect them, the beast is loose.

Thanks for reading! Any feedback is welcome, even the harsh ones. Sorry that took half a year

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