The War For The Ages: Logan
The War For The Ages: Logan

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Logan just wants rest, and while he calmly walks around in the early morning one of his most known villain shows up: Sabretooth. When Logan thinks this will be a fight like always but Victor nows it would be different this time. And this time it truly would end different as a normal story...

The War For The Ages: Logan

The War For The Ages: Logan. chapter one.

More information about this comic is on the end. (For the people who don't know a thing about Marvel)

June 25, 4 am.

It's dark, The light of the moon lights up the streets of New York. Somewhere on these streets walks a man. This man is not just a man like others, he's a hunter.

He hunts his whole life, and now all he wants is peace. Silence. This man carries the name: Logan. The wind blows quietly along his ears.

While Logan almost silently walks on the streets he thinks:

"Silence, sometimes the most beautiful thing in the world. Sometimes it feels that I can never hear the sound of silence, sometimes it feels I always have to fight, to hunt or to get hunted.

It's peaceful but yet something is wrong. HUH?"

A fast shadow runs behind a building in front of Logan. Logan stopped walking. He looks around. He's keeping quiet and stands ready to get attacked.

Logan wait a couple seconds and then he listens a last time and looks good around before he continuing walking. While he walks further he's thinking:

"Will it ever stop? Will it ever be peaceful? Sometimes I just want to end it, my whole career. Just stop being a hero and start a peaceful life with a happy family and that sort of stuff.

A life without my healing factor so I can die peacefully. But can I ever have the chance for it? No. I will-- Wha?"

Logan hears again something running on the building next to him. He looks up but he doesn't see anything.

Logan waits again and he keeps his ears open, he looks around in the dark but he doesn't see something. Logan gets impatient and shouts:

"Whoever you are I know you're there somewhere! Come and fight me normally in place of hiding in the shadows and keep running around me!"

For a moment it keeps quiet and Logan waits a second. On that moment the only sound you could hear was the wind blowing trough the air and Logans calm breathing. No answer.

Before Logan goes any further he yells one last time:


Without Logan noticing it, the shadow now stands a couple feet behind him. The schaduw runs towards Logan at high speed.

It jumps towards Logan and just on time Logan jumps aside and the man thing blows past Logan.

The person stands up and turns around, it looks like a smile appears on the on the face off the unknown person. Logan shouts confused:

"Who are you? What do you want from me? SHOW YOUR FACE!"

The unknown person starts laughing and tells:

"Oh Logan, You ask much off me but half of it you already know the answer of.You know good enough who I am. You just don't want to believe it I think."

The person walks calmly out off the shadows and his face shows up. Logan ask confused.

"Victor what are you doing here? How do you even know where I was?"

Victor laughs again but now louder.

"You're so pathetic, so much questions and you know half of it on yourself.

I'm here to fight of course! But this time I will win! This time you will lose and you'll die at my feet! This time I have the resources to win!"

Logan looks boring at Victor like he looks at someone who said he could jump to the moon.

"You have told me this a hundred times Victor, but I have to spoil you this: I have a healing Factor, just like you. I can heal off my wounds Victor.

Every-time you stood before me you told me you would win 'this' time, but yet I'm here."

Victor looks furious at Logan. If a person would stand on the same street, he would feel the anger between the two animals. Victor quits looking angry and looks with even a little smile at Logan.

"And yet here I am. You could never defeat me Logan. You had never the strength defeat me, let alone kill me. We're equal strong Logan. You just don't want too believe it."

"Thats not true! I defeated you, more than once. We would never be equal strong Victor"

"Maybe you're stronger, but mental. Never. You could never kill me, you just can't. That's your problem, I however, can do it with ease if I had the chance.

,And lucky me I have the chance now, I would kill you. I have found a couple of... 'friends.' And what they do, you probably may not like. Sometimes they start shouting something like..."

Victor starts chuckling and say:


Logan looks confused and concerned at the same time at Victor and he says:

"Why are you in that HYDRA group? Why do you need their help, I thought we were 'equal strong'?"

While Logan said that he sets himself ready to attack Victor and Victor laughs again:

"Again, you know the answer on this. Because they gave me the perfect opportunity to kill you.

Even I don't know why they gave it to me or wanted too kill you, but does that matter now? The only thing I had too know was that they wanted too kill you and how. That was everything.

When they contacted me they sold me immediately, although I didn't got any money out of it. But do I need to get money when I get a free shot to kill you?Oh, and I know one thing..."

Victor smiles at Logan.

"They want to kill them all... all the heroes."

To be continued...

Information about this story: If you never read a Marvel comic or watched a movie, don't worry, it's not really important in this story, here and there you may be confused but you could search them up. The main characters off this story are Logan AKA The Wolverine and Victor Creed AKA Sabretooth.

About me: I'm a beginning writer so commands about what I can do are ALWAYS welcome!

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