Avengers Assemble #2
Avengers Assemble #2 spiderman stories
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pj6699 I'm a beginning writer and I love Marvel
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Mysterious things begin to start and slowly but sure HYDRA begins to rise, bigger than​ normal and more dangerous than normal. How can the Avengers defeat​ HYDRA this time? You can find out in this story b​y: Trefamester.

This also is the main event of my story The War For The Ages: Logan.

Source: Trefamester https://marvel.fandom.com...

Avengers Assemble #2

By Trefamester.

This is the main in event of The War For The Ages. I hope you'll enjoy this!

Brooklyn Courthouse 5 pm June 16th.

Narration(Matt Murdock): Some stupid guy sued Spidey over property damage when Pete-...I mean Spidey broke his car's window and pulled him out of it before it was blown up by the Green Goblin.

Guard: All rise for the honorable Judge Chalmers!

Spidey: *whispering* Hey, this guy looks familiar.

Matt: *whispering* He's the judge of almost every case that you were involved in. He's also a massive fan of yours, 'cause you saved his son.

Spidey: *whispering* Oh yeah! Now I remember.

Narration(Matt Murdock): Spidey could keep his costume on in the courtroom so that his secret identity wouldn't be revealed.

Spidey: *whispering* Hey, what's his son's name again?

Matt: *whispering* Judge.

Spidey: *whispering* Yeah, the judge's son.

Matt: *whispering* The judge's son's name is Ju-...

Judge Chalmers: Quiet in my courtroom! *giving Spidey a look that sais "sorry"*

???: Ohoh...it won't be quiet in this courtroom...hahahaha

Judge Chalmers: Who said that?

Spidey and Matt at the same time: Green Goblin!

Spidey: Hey how'd you know?

Matt: I smell the same thing when you come to me after fighting him.

Spidey: Wow...that explains everything.

Green Goblin: *jumps into the courtroom with his glider* All rise for the honorable Judge Goblin! Or is it Judge Green? I really don't know...buuut it's probably not a good idea to rise...

'cause one of these will hit ya! *throws a bomb next to the guy who sued Spidey* BOOM! hahaha

Spidey: Oh god...is he okay?

Matt: I hear his heartbeat, his unconscious though.

Spidey: How do you...eh, I'm not even gonna ask.

Matt: Quick, we need to get him out of the building,

Spidey: I can't get him out, and fight Goblin at the same time.

Iron Man: It's a good thing I'm here!

Spidey: Tony! I haven't seen you in a while.

Iron Man: Hey, that's Mr. Stark to you.

Spidey: Yeah right. Can you keep Gib-gob down while I get this guy out of here?

Iron Man: Sure thing...Spidey...I almost said your real name out loud. *grabs the guy and flies out of the courtroom*

Spidey: Oh...well I guess I'm gonna take care of Gib-gob then.

Fight scene:

Spidey throws the judge's hammer into one of the glider's propellers, causing the glider to crash into Matt's seat, Matt's out of the building by now.

Goblin throws 2 bombs at Spidey at once, one of them hit next to him the other he catches with his web, and swings it right back at Goblin.

Both of them are on the ground, with the courtroom in ruins. Spidey stands up faster because a part of the build has fallen on Goblin. Spidey gets the rubble off him and webs him to the floor.

This is the moment when Tony arrives back in the courtroom.

Tony: Wow...I thought you need my help, but apparently you got it. Good job kid. Oh, the guy woke up, and he wants to talk to you.

Spidey: *Web-swings over to the guy* What do you want.

Guy: I dismiss the case...

Spidey: Oh thanks, my awesome lawyer would have won it anyway.

Matt: Wow, that's flattering Spider-Man.

Tony: *gets out of his suit* How do you not say his real name out loud?

Matt: Well, a lot of practice went into it.

2 hours later.

Peter: *sitting at home, watching the news channel*

Mary Jane: Spider-Man saved the day yet again, and Ebenezer Laughton, the man that sued Spidey, dismissed his case after the wallcrawler saved his life.

Aunt May: *sits next to Peter* I'm proud of you son...

Peter: It's so good, that you now legally can call me your son. It's nice to see you went through all of this trouble to be my legal guardian after...

Aunt May: It's okay...they would be proud of you.

Tony: *Enters the room* Well...I know I am proud of .

Aunt May: Mr. Stark! What a pleasant surprise!

Tony: You can call me Tony.

Peter: Hey, stop flirting with my now legal guardian.

Tony: What?

Peter: Yeah, that's right, she adopted me.

Tony: Congratulations! I could sure be a good father figure to Peter, couldn't I?

Tony, Peter, Aunt May: *all laughing*

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