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pisceanpirate a villain in your local community
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when nothing comes to mind, darkness arrives

writer's block

i don't know what to write.

it's november and it's raining outside. the days pass without consequence for actions i've never done breathing feels like lying, inhabiting & inhibiting this body feels like stealing

i talk to myself, a villain with plans and plots and hatred keeping time with my steps in circles

guard yourself from me; my small kindnesses are cover for things hot and dark and boiling in my heart

i keep smoke in my back pocket, a show for when substance is low and sustenance is shallow “a mask is pulled on to cover muscle and bone,” and the audience laughs at jokes untold

i don't know what to write.

surrounded by beasts, i cloak myself in things altogether unbeastly; lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

who am i to play the mystic, to point bony bloodied fingers at emissaries of the darkness? there are no seasons in a village where time is frozen

my breath catches when i speak; my eyes glaze over as i misquote my own memoirs

kings of the jungle roar their mournful songs, and yet i still pity myself over bloodstained sweatpants

wading through the open ocean, refresh my memory – am i a shark or a god?

i don't know what to write.

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