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Do you ship Jiper... Have you ever wondered how they had their first kiss... If so, than this is the fanfiction for you!

Jiper (First Kiss)

PIPER´S POV: Piper was sitting on the beach watching the waves softly crash against the sand. Tears streaming down her face as Piper recalled yesterday when, Jason had told her & Leo at Bunker 9 about his old life from before Hera took his memories, his old friends, Camp Jupiter, his old cabin, (that sort of thing) When Jason mentioned this one girl named Reyna, Piper felt like her heart was about to shatter.

She felt like if she didn´t get out of there her heart would break into a million different pieces. ¨I`m going to bed." Piper told them before quickly rushing back to cabin 10. (End of Flashback) Today Piper had spent most of her time avoding Jason. "Hey, Pipes. Can we talk?¨ Piper jumped, she´d been so deep in thought she hadn´t even heard Jason walk up to her. Piper felt his eyes on her as he turned to face her.

¨Pipes what´s wrong?¨ Jason asked Piper when she finilly looked up at him. Piper quickly tried to brush the tears from her eyes. ¨N-nothing!¨ she quickly managed to sputter. But Piper could tell by the look Jason gave her that he didn´t believe a word she just said. ¨Pipes you´ve been avoding me since you left yesterday, when I was telling you guys about my friend Reyna.¨ He told her.

¨Wait, Reyna and you are just friends!?¨ Piper asked him with wide eyes, before buring her head in her hands. ¨Piper you mean this whole time you thought I was dating Reyna! Pipes please stop crying, I hate having to watch the girl I like cry.¨ Jason explaned to her, puting an arm around her shoulders. Piper brush away the rest of her tears & leaned into his embrace so he could hold her better.

¨Y-you like me!?¨ Piper asked him after a moment. ¨Yeah, I like you.¨ Jason told her as he began to lean in to kiss Piper. ¨Good cause I like you too.¨ Piper told him before closing the space left between them.

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