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pintsofwords we were all blank pages once before
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I once performed this poem in a talent contest and won... this poem means a lot to me, I wrote it for everyone who have experienced being bullied before. I hope someone else could find comfort and strength in this.

Art was drawn by my best friend.


I can still remember how they stared at me,

With teeth bright and dotted with specks of red.

My blood.

I could feel my ears slowly breaking apart because of their howls,

Howls that could make you cold to the bone.

I ran. That time, I ran.

I am still running.

I remember the stories of the other villagers,

How others almost reached the edge of the woods but took a wrong turn.

Wolves can laugh, and sneer, and snicker until those are the only things stuck in your mind.

Your thread of thoughts,

Once full of pictures of friends and arms linked,

Are now faded,

Left a mark of self-loathing and confused pity.

No one told me about the curse of being noticed by those glaring yellow eyes.

No one warned me about the flesh-eating creatures in the woods before pushing me inside.

Whenever I take a step,

I could hear the voice of my sister looking for me,

Shouting out my name desperately.

But everytime I follow her cries I trip and fall,

And the wolves are after me again.

In my panic,

I decide to run and hide rather than shout out for help.

I never asked to be the prey,

Nor did I want to be a predator.

Yet somehow this is how I end up.

Misshapen and broken,

Still a mile away from normal.

A mask still on my face.

I know that somewhere in the shadows of the trees,

Others are also running,

Just like me.

And as I bury myself deeper into this rabbit hole,

Hiding from teeth,

I know my broken self could still be healed,

I will be known as the kid who survived another wolf attack.

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