Paige's Point of View Part 3
Paige's Point of View Part 3 paige's point of view stories

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Part 3!

Paige's Point of View Part 3

This is a collaboration with @sam_the_queen

"Well, it is not a dream!" yelled the puppy. "Wait, I was saying that in my head. How could you hear that?" I questioned. "For a first you said that out loud NOT in your head." The puppy said, I could not make out if "she" was smiling or disappointed in me. Then it hit me again.

I still did not know the puppy's gender. "Um, I have a question. I still do not know your proper gender." I said, it felt kind of awkward to ask a question like that. For, normally it is quite easy to tell a girl from a boy.

"Well, to answer a rude question like that I am a girl." Answered the puppy somewhat haughty. I felt a bit of shame growing. I would not be surprised if my face was cherry red. I still don't know why I had this emotion in my head, brain, life.

To be continued in part 4!

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