Paige's point of view Part 1
Paige's point of view 
Part 1 paige's point of view stories

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Part 1

Paige's point of view Part 1

This is a collab with @sam_the_queen you can find Avery's point of view on her account when she posts it.

Hello! I am Paige. If you wanna know what this story is about it starts when me and my friend, Avery got talking pet(s).

On a hot Monday, I trudged to school. The blazing sun was unbearable. I was about to melt like a Popsicle! Normally, I would walk to school with my friend Avery. But, since it was her birthday she got to stay home. "I can't walk any longer! Why do I have to live so far from school?"

I finally made it to school. Then, It came to me that today we have a math test! As I progressed through the school day I calmed myself down. Then the horrid moment came, it was time for math. The questions made NO sense whatsoever. Then the teacher Mrs. Carter declared: "Class is over for today but don't forget to..."

I stopped listening. As soon as the bell rang I dashed toward the door. "Paige, could you stay back for a second?' I turned around and saw Mrs. Carter give me that look that all teachers do when they're disappointed and don't want to show it. "Um, Okay" I nervously replayed "Why do I need to stay back"?

"I am concerned by the amount of time you took to finish the first question. I believe that you should study more before a test." Study more? But, I studied for 3 hours yesterday! I thought in my head "Okay-I would want to know how much time I need to study," I muttered under my voice even though I could not hear myself. There was an awkward moment of silence.

"Well I hate to keep you back for any longer," said Mrs. Carter. I speeded as fast as I could. I had to hang up the "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AVERY!!!" poster. It was a bright pink color with blue and yellow words. As soon as I put it up I dashed into my house. I had no idea when Avery would go home so I stayed inside my house. Then from under a crimson-colored car, a little fluff of beige perked up.

I watched carefully. As time passed a cute little puppy emerged. "Aw! How cute. I wonder what kind of puppy he or she is?" I asked myself. I bolted outside after I realized that the puppy was badly wounded. "MOM! I screeched. I found this cute puppy outside. Just look at it."

At that moment the doorbell rang. I curiously opened the door. "Hello! I said in a cheerful voice, for it was Avery." "Hi! She said is in response" And guess what? Avery told me that she had just adopted a cat! She told me that her cat was kind of ugly. I for one thought that her cat was cute.

That reminded me that the puppy was sleeping on the couch. "OMG! Avery, I forgot to tell you that I just found the cutest puppy on the road." She said that the puppy was cuter than her cat. She asked me for some ideas for a name. "Um, either Avery 2.0 or Fifi" I replied to her question. "I LOVE the name Fifi!" she said.

She asked me what I had named "my". Even though I technically did not own the pet I thought Pearl was a good name. It alarmed me that I did not know the puppy's proper gender. But still, I answered: "Um, her name is Pearl." "OMG! She is so cute!" she cried.

Then her mom called her and said that she had to go home. The cause of this was that her family members were coming over. I mean It was her birthday. "Oh, You have to go?" I questioned. "Um, ya I will come over to your house later today!" She said in response.

I watched her pick up Fifi and slowly walk outside. I was a bit disappointed but I wanted to spend some time with Pearl, "my" Dog. I picked up Pearl and I went upstairs. "Hello," said an unknown voice. "Um, hello?" I am answered. I was a bit scared. But, I still had no clue what was happing.

Part 2 coming soon!

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