Paige's point of view part 2
Paige's point of view part 2 paige's point of view stories

pink_rose I'm backkkkkkkk! 😉
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Part 2!

Paige's point of view part 2

This is a collaboration this @sam_the_queen.

"What are you doing now?" Asked the unfamiliar voice. What should I say? I asked myself in my head. I realized that the voice was coming below me. I looked down and saw the face of an innocent puppy. I thought I was crazy!

"Hullo! Can't you understand! It is me, "your" puppy." Said the dog. "WHAT!" I shrieked. I could not believe it was a talking puppy. I swear I almost fainted! I thought that this was some kind of a joke. Especially because Avery LOVES to play funny jokes on me.

I thought about it for a few minutes and the puppy interrupted my thinking. "Excuse me but, I can very much talk so STOP doing your "thinking"! Well, this has to be a dream I said to myself.

Find out what happens next in part 3!

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