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post about my aesthetic coming soon, love mavissss

i did a thing

i did a descriptive thing for my english essay

i had to write about persephone begging hades to let her go back to the overworld

if you dont know the full story you can just google it, but this is what i wrote:

I've been stuck in this nightmare for what feels like all of eternity. I miss the warmth of the sun and the blue skys and the flowers and the trees and most of all, Demeter, my dear mother.

The Underworld is horrible, truly disgusting, and just the sight of Hades makes me sick to my stomach and almost burst into tears. I do not know what he thinks of me, nor do I want to.

I must do something. I know I must do something. But what? How? It is impossible to escape, and everything is much harder with this gnawing hunger. The only way I can see is begging Hades.

But not only would my final inch of dignity be stripped, I would be laughed away, back to my hideous quarters.

All night I tossed and turned. I thought about talking to Hades all night. I imagined vividly what I would say, and how I would say it, to every detail.

I would insist I was a burden to the Underworld, that it would be easier and quieter for him without me, that I would visit him - which I had no intention of doing.

Eventually, with a heavy heart, I realised what I must do. It was a horrible prospect to have looming over my entire life, but what I must do if I was to ever see my mother again.

By noon the next day - for although it is always dark here, Hades has a grand clock above his throne, to demonstrate that every second is another second closer to death,

for all the mortals visiting - the deal was done. From the time when new flowers grew, and new lambs were born, to the time when the crops were harvested, I would be with my mother again.

For the rest of the year, I would be stuck in this revolting prison.

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