Story: Fathers Prides Fault (part 3)

Fathers Prides Fault (part 3) father's prides fault stories
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pigfromcali Sure I'll do it. . . but with ✨FiNeSSe✨
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By pigfromcali
Father's Prides Fault (part 3) Sorry It is so long. It like a movie.

Story: Fathers Prides Fault (part 3)

by pigfromcali

One police officer came up to me and asked what seems to be the problem. I knew I couldn’t say too much because I didn’t know anything about what just happened. I had no idea what to do. If Aiden had been with me he would know exactly what to do.

“Officer can you take me home? I got lost and am not sure where I am.” That was a total lie but the officer didn’t know that. "Sure where do you live?” I thought for a minute not because I forgot where I lived but I needed to make a plan so Aiden wouldn’t find out.

”I live at 4311 Oak Street.” I actually live on the corner of that street but at least Aiden won't find out. "Okay you can put your bike in the trunk."The policeman opened the door.

I got in the car and I expected to just be listening to the officer’s radio and let me just say I was totally wrong but that’s not the point. Finally we reached our destination and I got on my bike and watched the police car leave.

Before He left I gave my thanks and pretended to walk on the driveway. I waited for him to leave and when he turned right on the stop sign I immediately turned around.

I walked home and just hundreds of questions were swarming around in my head. I finally walked up my driveway and lifted up the place mat. Usually there is a key there but it wasn't. I assumed Aiden had it so I knock on the door.

Aiden lifted up the curtains from the window to look at me. I guessed he wanted to make sure I wasn't a criminal. He opened up the door and I walked in.

"Where's dad?" Aiden asked. I don't know if I should tell him what just happened or if I should lie. "I-I-I uhh, need to go rest. Where is mom?" "She's up stairs." he responded.

"Can you tell me what happened? Why weren't you behind me? Where were you?" Aiden kept asking questions that I don't even know how to respond. "Should we tell mom?"

"No! I mean no lets just keep this between us." I don't want my mom to worry so I made sure Aiden doesn't tell. "In fact we can't tell anyone. It could maybe affect dad worse. And one of the guys in the hacker mask saw me.

I could tell he wanted to get a good look at my face. And the thing is I don't know what he looks like." Aiden looked at me with fear.

"Then what are we supposed to do?" Aiden sat down on the couch. "I'm not sure. We can go to the police but they probably won't even believe us. And how do we know that there are bad guys working in the station?"

I sat besides Aiden. "I guess this is something we have to do. Maybe if we find out what's going on..." Our dog, Blue, came down stairs and jumped on us. "Hey boy." Aiden laughed

Blue knew what was going on. He could tell we were hiding something. "Hey lets just go up to our rooms." I insisted. "We walked up the stairs and walked passes my mother's room.

"Oh hey boys! Back so soon?" I think she know somethings up. "Well, Cody got tired and asked me if we could come home early." I can't believe Aiden just did that. "Is that true?" She asked me.

"Umm, yeah." I replied "Well okay. You boys have a good night. And if you happen to see dad, tell him I was getting worried. He hasn't answer any of my calls." My mom asked. "Yeah of course. Good night." Me and Aiden rushed to our rooms.

We share the same room but we each get one half. I sat on my chair and Aiden sat on his bed. "Do you have the key?" I asked Aiden "No why?"

I looked at him beginning to worry. "It's not under the mat." "Well who has it." I could see that Aiden was worried to. "Do you think..." I cut him off.

"I'm not sure but if so we need to get it back." We needed some rest so we went to bed. ~Morning~

"Hey what is that smell?" I looked at Aiden smelling the same smell. "Maybe mom is cooking breakfast." We went down stairs to the kitchen.

"Godd morning Aiden, good morning Cody." My mom smiled. "We have company earlier today. His name is Rick and he works with your father. He came down some time ago to give us our house key. He found it at wanted to give it back." Aiden glanced at me.

"Is dad here?" I asked "No. He is out of state, I believe. Rick said that they are on some business meeting and can't have their phones with them. I will take a few days or maybe weeks. I think is is very big for your father."

We sat down at the table joining in for breakfast. Aiden and I sat in silence barely touching our foods. "Are you guys okay?" she wondered. "Yeah, we just aren't hungry. Can we bring our food up stairs?" Cody asked

That's all I have for today. I hope you enjoyed it. I might add the forth part later today but if not then Monday.

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