Story: Father's Prides Fault

Father's Prides Fault father's prides fault stories
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pigfromcali 𝑶𝒉 𝒅𝒆𝒂𝒓, 𝒊𝒔 𝒔𝒉𝒆 𝒅𝒆𝒂𝒅?
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By pigfromcali

A scary story made by me. It is about siblings who happen to be at the park at the wrong time.

Story: Father's Prides Fault

by pigfromcali

Hey my name is Cody and I have a best friend named Aiden. But he is not just my best friend but also my step brother. My parents adopted him when he was four and from then till now we have been best friends.

We have been known as Cody and Aiden or Aiden and Cody but never Aiden…..Cody. Our favorite hangout is at Chester park. We go there all the time...but only at night. We prefer night because usually nobody is kerfuffle.

“Bye mom we are headed out again.” I said “Okay, you two have fun! Be back no later than 11. Dad will be back soon. He just has some work to do.” my mom explains

Me and Aiden brought our backpacks with us but accidentally left their phones on the counter. If I knew I left my phone I would totally go back and get it but it was too late.

‘Hey race you to the park.”Aiden grabbed his bike. “Fine on the count of,two…hey wait up Aiden!” I screamed. We went off peddling like our life depended on it.

“Haaa! Cheaters never win!” I boasted “Yeah Yeah okay fine next time i’ll be fair” Aiden groaned. ”Oh we left or phones on the counter. Ummm..will that be a problem?”

“No, I have my watch so we will be fine. We won’t be late...I promise.” I promised but knowing what happens after I regret not going to grab our phones.

"You wanna go sit on that bench?" Aiden asked. BAM BANG “Wh-what was that.” Aiden whispered. “Ummm...I’m not sure?”

I tried to be brave but I was sort of, actually, kind of scared. There were three men less 200 feet away. Two of them in masks and one who seems to be bleeding and bruised very badly.

“You are late...I know you have the money...Where is it!” A man with a deep and raspy voice yelled. He wore a hacker mask like the other guy standing next to him. They were tall, wore black hoodies, and were just plain terrifying.

"Give us the money or we will get it out of you the hard way!” Aiden looked at me signaling to hide behind the bush. The men in the hacker masks couldn’t see us but the guy without the masks looked at us. I couldn’t see his face but he looked scared.

I wanted to help him but I knew we would get caught and probably get hurt. The hacker swung at the guy and asked him again about the money. “Umm Cody, can you pass me my backpack. I put some binoculars in there and maybe we can see the guy. Maybe we can help him.”

I handed Cody his backpack but I knew we could never help him. It was way too dangerous and we can get seriously hurt. “Co-Cody! You have to look at this. Tell me that this guy isn’t…” I grabbed the binoculars from his hands and looked at the man.

“It is him?! What,Why,How?” I whispered to myself. But the question that I really wanted to know is if he's okay.

That is the end for right now. If you liked it, comment and I will put the other parts. Well, one at a time. :)

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