Story: Father's Faults Pride (part 2)
Story: Father's Faults Pride 

(part 2) father's faults pride stories
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This is part 2 of Father's Prides Fault.

Story: Father's Faults Pride (part 2)

“Is that really dad?” Aiden asked. I knew it was him and it is not fair if I just keep it to myself. I want to protect him but this is something that he needs to know too.

I told him it was dad and that we can’t go and rescue him. Something tells me that he wanted us to stay out of it and stay safe. “Aiden we can’t help him. If only we had our phone we could call for help but this is when we need a miracle.” Aiden started to cry.

I couldn’t help but to cry also. I tried my hardest to suck it up but all I could think about is our dad getting seriously hurt. “Cody what is dad doing?” I grabbed the binoculars from his hands. I think he was motioning something.

”I think he is trying to tell us to leave?” I knew that was a smart choice. I crawled to our bikes… ”Wait...What are you doing? Aren’t we going to help dad?” Aiden seemed to have really cared and only thought about saving him.

“No we can’t. It’s either leave and hope for the best or attempt to save dad but possibly get really hurt too." Now that I think about it, this isn’t an easy choice. Family always comes first.

If the house was on fire and I was in there, he wouldn't hesitate to save us. ”Ummm, I can’t decide. Can we flip a coin?” I thought he was being sarcastic but honestly I would probably ask the same thing.

I grabbed a coin from my pocket. “Okay heads for we are leaving and tails, we are going to help.” I flipped the coin and…

Heads We looked at each other and I signaled to crawl to our bikes and hopefully escape.

We crawled to our bikes making sure no one could see us. "Okay... lets go?" I don’t know why he questioned it but we took off.

“Hey! WHO are you! Come back here NOW!” I heard a man say. So of course I looked behind my shoulder. One of the hacker masked guys pushed dad to the side and ran, chasing us.

I panicked I told Aiden to don’t look back and just keep pedaling. I’m the older brother and I just want to be sure he’s safe. I stopped behind a tall building and pushed a few boxes down to try and slow down the man.

Aiden is far ahead now and all I want him to do is continue pedaling till he gets home. I stumbled on a box and struggled to get up. I prayed and prayed if someone could just help. Then suddenly a car came around the building.

A woman came out of her car and asked if I was okay. She helped me up. “Thank you.” I whispered to myself. The guy with the mask turned around the building and hid.

“Thank you so much for your help. You don’t know how much you saved me.” I was all shaken up. The woman asked if I needed any help. I told her if she could call 911. I told her that I saw what looks like a serious crime.

I couldn't tell her much because I really don't know what happened. Aiden was already gone and the women seem to be in a hurry so I let her go. The police arrived but the men had taken off...with my dad.

That is all what I have for today. I you liked it comment or like and I'll put part 3 tomorrow. Bye

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