My Best Friends
My Best Friends stuffed animals stories

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My best friends including some pictures at the end.

My Best Friends

My best friends are there for me whenever I'm feeling down.

And when I cry at night, they are there to support me.

I only trust my secrets with them.

Knowing that they will never tell.

I will never leave them ever.

And they won't leave me.

I get my inspirations from them.

They are the reason I start the day strong and proud.

I love my best friends.

They will continue to be my best friends even if they don't talk much.

Here are a few picks of them I just took ------>

Name: Waddles Specialty: Best huger

Name: Berry Specialty: Good listener

Name: Cotton Specialty: Makes me smile

Name: Hamilton (Hammy or Hamlet) Specialty: Bestest Friend Ever

I have more friends but some are photogenic. I'm just joking. I have too much to take photos of. If you have a best friend "stuffed animal" please comment. I would love to hear about them.

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