Cats and Squirrels

         Cats and Squirrels dog stories
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You must read this interesting story.

Cats and Squirrels


Oh follow me please. Today I'll be talking about our enemies.

You here?

Okay lets start.

I have two words for you.



To close, to close


Okay these two DEMON creatures are just...

Okay these two DEMON creatures are just... well DEMONS

Squirrels use to be nature's chew toy until,

Master Chang, an evil squirrel, decided to go in war.

Dogs are worried

Some just stay in their homes looking outside of windows.


I'm NOT joking.

Does it look like I would joke?

Anyways Master Chang decided to team up with those terrible cats.

But this ends...


Ball? Is that a ball? BALL

Um I'm sorry where was I?

Uh sir you were talking about how cats and squirrels teamed up and...

Oh yes thanks Love

Right so this ends now.

We must get rid of them. No matter what.

Who knows what will happen if they take over the world.

The world's fate is in our paws.

Okay that is a wrap. Lets go Love.


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